We’re Living in a Golden Age of Creativity

Never before have so many of us with creative tendencies been able to express their ideas and be noticed.  The tools and techniques are more advanced than they have ever been and the ability to share and present your creations are plentiful. You don’t need to be an expert to make your own contribution but producing professional work can often be improved with the right guidance and training.

Stephen Backburn provides diverse training for both technical design and painting techniques.  You’ll find inspiration for your own creativity here along with training courses to help you expand your knowledge and develop your own style. If you’re ready to begin or advance your creative career you can begin with our online and live courses.


Express Your Creativity with Exceptional Art Skills Mastered with Steve Blackburn Training

Have you ever imagined a painting project that you created?  Maybe it was a special location that only you’ve experienced or objects you want to bring to life in a painting.  There are few joys that can top the feeling you have when being creative.

Reach your creative potential as a painter with courses taught by master artist Steve Blackburn.  Not only will you learn painting techniques but the thinking behind defining your vision and putting those ideas on canvas.

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Develop Your Building Design Skills using REVIT – on your own or for your entire office.

If you’re ready to moe into the world of BIM and REVIT then you should consider the information packed courses from Steve Blackburn.

Learn to maximize REVIT’s intelligent 3D model based design and take advantage of features like parametric building components, improved coordination and a host of other benefits. Learn the latest BIM workflows that will help streamline your construction documents.

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